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This forum is dedicated to all prior enlisted United States Navy personel wishing to become a Naval Officer VIA: OCS, STA-21, LDO, CWO
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Welcome to Navy OCS Mustangs, the only forum solely dedicated to the advancement of prior enlisted Navy personnel into the officer ranks via: OCS, STA-21, LDO and CWO.


 PT Schedule

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PostSubject: PT Schedule   PT Schedule EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 2:39 pm


- 2.6 mile run
- You will be broken down into three separate running groups


The group you end up in is based on your in PFA run score.

- Strength and conditioning days
Push-ups/ Sit-ups/ Jack webs/ Pull-ups/ Side straddle hopes i.e. jumping jakes, etc........

- Individual maximum effort 2.6 mile run. If you do not push the DI will.


- No PT

This cycle begins on the first day of the second week and does not end until the Monday of week 9. So make sure you prep your body so you do not role for shin splints. Wed of week 9 is the victory run and is also the day you become a candidate officer rather than an officer candidate. As a candio you will help run the regiment.
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PT Schedule
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