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 Bringsenseback's OCS Application Stats (Commissioned 26MAR2010 as IP 1600)

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Bringsenseback's OCS Application Stats (Commissioned 26MAR2010 as IP 1600) Empty
PostSubject: Bringsenseback's OCS Application Stats (Commissioned 26MAR2010 as IP 1600)   Bringsenseback's OCS Application Stats (Commissioned 26MAR2010 as IP 1600) EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 9:07 pm

Hello. I hope this helps. I sent in my application around June of 2009 and was selected the first time up for SDO IP (yep, I'm the first Direct Commission Information Professional...meaning I didn't have to do the SWO/IP option). My first day at club OCS was 03 Jan 2010 and I graduated 26 Mar 2010. I've left some notes at the bottom. Here are my stats, roughly listed in the order in which I assembled my OCS package:


Just over 9 years A/D upon sending in my application (3 yrs Deck SN -> 3 yrs IT -> 2+ yr Navy Diver)


OAR/ASTB: 52, 5/5/5

Extra Curricular Activities: ForKids Volunteer, DEFY Volunteer, Base Softball League

CO's Endorsement (Very strong, 1 of 2 applicants)

Interviews: 2 Intel CAPTs, 2 IP CAPTs, and 1 NFO LT (all 10s on interview form)

My IT Evals (prior to going ND) were: MP, EP, then Transfer EP prior to dive school.
I picked up ND1 my first Advancement Exam out of Dive School...great, but my next observed Eval was a P (brand new 1st Class PO and brand new ND). My point in making note of this is that the boards obviously take things like this into consideration.

Transcripts: GPA: 3.9 (Summa Cum Laude) Bachelor of Science: Computer and Information Science, Concentration in Information Systems

LORs: 1 RADM (COMCARSTRKGRU 11), 1 IP CAPT, My Diving Officer (CWO), My Chief (NDC)

PFAs: Outstanding Low, Exc High, Outstanding Med

2 NAMs, 3 FLOCs, 2 GCs

Other Achievements:
(which I put in a "Misc" section of my OCS package)
Dive School Honor Grad
IT School Honor Grad
Some LOCs/LOAs


My Personal Statements were VERY STRONG! (I think so at least, and got really good feedback from those who reviewed them). Be real. Speak from the heart. Don't tell them what you think they want to hear from an Officer. Tell them why YOU Deserve to/Want to lead the Enlisted Men and Women in our Navy and how you're going to do it.

Be Cautious of the advise you take from others about your package. Its yours. Some advise may help you big and some may hurt you. That goes for your statements or anything else.

I wish you the best.
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Bringsenseback's OCS Application Stats (Commissioned 26MAR2010 as IP 1600)
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