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This forum is dedicated to all prior enlisted United States Navy personel wishing to become a Naval Officer VIA: OCS, STA-21, LDO, CWO
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Welcome to Navy OCS Mustangs, the only forum solely dedicated to the advancement of prior enlisted Navy personnel into the officer ranks via: OCS, STA-21, LDO and CWO.

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 gtogirl04 stats

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PostSubject: gtogirl04 stats   Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:40 am

My package is almost complete, I'm hoping I get selected first try. You never know though Smile

About me:
AGE: 31/F
PRIOR SERVICE: EN1 Reserve (current)
Active duty I made E5 in 4 years served onboard CVN72.

EDUCATION: B.S. Business Admin, Major Human Resource MGMT Columbia College, MO
GPA: 3.5, Cum Laude

ASTB: 42 OAR (debating whether to retake or not)
PRT: Good Low

Assistant Secretary/Lead Bank Teller

1 Employer, Bank President (former Officer, National Guard)
1 CO of my unit (CAPT)
1 LSCS (excellent write up)
1 MA3 (subordinate recommendation)

Command Involvement: LPO Admin Dept

MISC: Adjutant for American Legion Post #780
In school joined Alpha Sigma Lambda

Past leadership experience include Treasurer for E5 Association, Springfield, MO and Secretary of Student Senate organization while in college

Licensed Foster Parent in my home state.
Volunteered at church for paint project.
Volunteers at Rolla Head Start

Awards: 2 NAM’s, Good Conduct, Reserve Good Conduct, 2 LOC’s

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PostSubject: Hello   Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:53 pm

Hello and welcome to the site,

First of all congratulations on your decision to give the Officer Corps a shot! My question to you is what programs or designators are you applying for? I personally feel that you will need more officer LOR’s to make your package more meaty. A 42 OAR isn’t bad but again it depends on what designators you want. Either way, having more active duty officer letters of recommendation and the higher they are, the better you are. All in all congrats and best of luck, be sure to post whether or not you get picked up.
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PostSubject: Re: gtogirl04 stats   Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:14 pm

Thanks Smile I'm submitting for supply. I don't have the calculus courses required for SWO which was my second choice. My recruiter is the one who suggested that I get on LOR from my civilian boss, my CO, my acting OIC (LSCS) and a subordinate. Is this unheard of? It appears to be based upon other individual's stats.
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PostSubject: Re: gtogirl04 stats   

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gtogirl04 stats
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