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This forum is dedicated to all prior enlisted United States Navy personel wishing to become a Naval Officer VIA: OCS, STA-21, LDO, CWO
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Welcome to Navy OCS Mustangs, the only forum solely dedicated to the advancement of prior enlisted Navy personnel into the officer ranks via: OCS, STA-21, LDO and CWO.


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PostSubject: PbakerD88 Stats   PbakerD88 Stats EmptyTue Apr 21, 2009 11:50 am

21/ M
SHSN / over 3 years in but all reserve time
Commands OHSU Great Lakes (Weird because I did more HM stuff than SH stuff)

OAR 55 5/5/5

Western Illinois University Meteorology Major
3.6 overall GPA with a 3.8 in major

LORs from 2 different OICs one 0-5 one 0-4 both awesome, past employers and professors,
Internship with NWS and tv station meteorlogist

applied (no idea when) SWO-METEOC, SWO, NFO
pro rec'd: SWO-METEOC , SWO(declined)
Final Selecet: SWO-METEOC
OCS Class Date: 26JUL2009
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PostSubject: Welcome to the site   PbakerD88 Stats EmptyTue Apr 21, 2009 12:02 pm

Hi and welcome to the site, thanks for posting and good luck in OCS. You can provide good feedback for some of the other guys on here still working on there apps.
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PbakerD88 Stats
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